Our areas of expertise

The cross-functionality of the skills gathered within SAINT-LOUIS AVOCATS allows global support combining expertise in the main areas of private law and public business law, knowledge of clients and their professions, and personalized and pragmatic adaptation to clients needs during the various stages of their activities (incorporation, acquisition, development, difficulties, disposal etc.).

Mergers, Acquisitions & Other Corporate matters

SAINT-LOUIS AVOCATS supports companies and their managers at all stages of their development, in a bespoke, pragmatic and efficient manner, both by advising, negotiating or litigating as required:
  • choice of structure, company incorporation, shareholders’ agreements, delegation of powers, setting up of joint ventures or strategic alliances.
  • audits, disposal of securities or funds, asset and liability guarantees.
  • monitoring of social and strategic life, account approval, general meetings, advice to management.
  • reorganizations (mergers, divisions, conversions, partial contributions of assets, capital increases, dissolutions, etc.), or conflict resolution
SAINT LOUIS AVOCATS is competent to deal with structures of all types (industrial, commercial, liberal, artisanal, or real estate) and of any size (sole proprietorship, start-up, SME, large group, EIG, associations, etc.)

Business Litigation & Arbitration

SAINT-LOUIS AVOCATS represents and assists its clients, companies and individuals, before all jurisdictions and authorities, judicial, administrative, professional or arbitral in its various areas of expertise.

From the origin of a dispute to its judicial, arbitral or transactional resolution and the execution of a decision, SAINT-LOUIS AVOCATS works with its clients on the most effective strategy by using all the resources at its disposal, whether it is prior to the initiation of litigation, during litigation or within the framework of the execution of decisions.

Its knowledge of the legal world and of civil, commercial, administrative and criminal proceedings enables it to handle simple or complex litigation, with a view to transparency, responsiveness and efficiency.


SAINT-LOUIS AVOCATS supports companies, their managers and legal representatives anticipating or encountering difficulties in the context of:
  • restructuring (disposals, pre-pack, provisional administrative measures, …)
  • preventive measures (ad hoc mandates, conciliations, safeguards, etc.)
  • legal proceedings (judicial reorganizations and liquidations, continuation plans, etc.)
  • liability actions against directors
  • pre-litigation and litigation related to restructuring, whether they fall under common law (enforcement procedures, implementation of sureties, implementation of surety or liability guarantees) or specific to collective proceedings (remedies, nullity of the suspect period, extension of proceedings, declarations and verifications of claims, etc.)
SAINT-LOUIS AVOCATS, regularly distinguished in the DECIDEURS rankings, benefits from specific and recognized expertise in the world of Restructuring aimed at legal professionals (Administrators and Legal representatives), companies and managers in difficulty, buyers with a takeover offer or creditors whose debtor is in proceedings, both in advice and in negotiation and realization.

Health & Life Sciences

SAINT-LOUIS AVOCATS advises professionals, establishments, health industries (pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics) and veterinarians, in particular in the following areas:

Health professionals (doctors, pharmacists, biologists, veterinarians, etc.):

  • Medical ethics and litigation (ordinal, conventional, administrative)
  • Doctor’s / clinical practice contracts and creation of practice structures
  • e-health
  • Installation of heavy material equipment
  • Structuring of firms / professional practice groups

Health establishments / Medico-social establishments:

  • Administrative and financial organization, regulatory compliance
  • Administrative regime for installations, creations, regroupings and transfers
  • Restructuring operations (acquisitions, companies in administration)
  • Special groups and health cooperation
  • Financing, pricing
  • Authorizations, approvals and relations with the supervisory authorities

Health, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, food supplements:

  • Product and facility regulatory compliance (drugs, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics)
  • Product liability
  • Relations and administrative disputes with the supervisory authorities (CEPS, ANSM, ARS, etc.)
  • Marketing, pricing, support
  • Specific commercial contracts (distribution, subcontracting, etc.)

In public law: public litigation, administrative authorization regimes, occupations of the public domain, building permits and public contracts

Commercial contracts, Distribution & Competition

SAINT-LOUIS AVOCATS supports its clients in their strategy of contractual and economic structuring and development, both in advice and in negotiation and drafting:
  • commercial contracts (manufacture, supply, distribution, provision of services, inter-company cooperation, etc.)
  • contracts usually punctuating the life of business (GTC, GTC, single agreements, conditions of use of websites, etc.)
  • distribution contracts (franchise, selective or exclusive distribution, agents, sales agents, license, central purchasing offices, etc.) but also relating to the associated litigation (sales outside the network, termination of commercial relations, non-compliance with the competition, unfair competition, etc.)
SAINT-LOUIS AVOCATS listens to the specificities of its clients’ businesses, in order to offer pragmatic contractual solutions that meet their needs.

Real Estate

SAINT-LOUIS AVOCATS provides comprehensive support to businesses, local authorities, condominiums and individuals in real estate law, both in advice and in litigation concerning:
  • operations relating to the management, acquisition and transfer of property and property rights (offices, shops, medical premises, clinics, hotels, logistics premises, industrial buildings, etc.)
  • amicable or legal expertise, legal and contractual issues and litigation in construction, industrial risk, project management, hidden defects, subcontracting and liability
  • the negotiation, drafting and management of commercial, professional and residential leases (renewal, assignment, revision of rent, eviction compensation, subletting, change of destination, pre-emption, termination, implementation of protective measures, collection of rents and charges, etc.)

Executive Advice

SAINT-LOUIS AVOCATS provides comprehensive support to managers in all aspects they encounter in a professional and personal capacity:
  • choice of social status within the company
  • matrimonial regime
  • protection of heritage, real estate or other
  • taxation
  • estates

Social & Human Resources

SAINT-LOUIS AVOCATS supports companies in the context of Labor relations, both in advice and in pre-litigation and litigation:
  • establishment of staff representative institutions (organization of professional elections, of the central works committee, etc.) and development of internal procedures (internal regulations, code of conduct, ethics charter, etc.)
  • drafting of employment contracts and modifications
  • accidents at work, occupational diseases and criminal Labor law
  • termination of relations (dismissal procedures, contractual terminations, etc.)
  • negotiations (collective agreements or plans, individual solutions, etc.)
  • URSSAF control and litigation
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